The scroll wheel included in the computer mouse made the task of scrolling up or down more practical when we are browsing in a document or on the web. But in addition to this, functions associated with the “middle click” They are useful as shortcuts to simplify certain tasks.

While notebooks have now become an option that millions of users choose over desktop computers, for which a peripheral mouse is necessarily required, the touchpad is also not too comfortable for daily use despite the fact that it also includes functions. specials.

What can be done with the middle mouse click?

Is that a traditional mouse can offer three or more buttons that in some cases are configurable, so it has more customization possibilities and also takes advantage of a more ergonomic and faster use for many tasks.

Here the famous “wheel”, located right in the middle of the main buttons, with which they can be operated, takes center stage. special functions.

Mouse wheel functions in Windows

Although the right click and its contextual menu in Windows 11 get almost all the attention, it is not the only useful click that you can make in the system (both the new and in previous versions) to perform various types of quick actions:

  • Central clicking on any icon pinned to the taskbar opens a new application window
  • When hovering the mouse over an icon on the taskbar, it shows a thumbnail with all open windows of that app, which can be closed individually by central clicking on them
  • For simulate center click on a touchpadAll you have to do is open Windows Settings, navigate to Bluetooth and devices, and look for the Touch Panel options. In the Gestures and interaction section find “Three-finger gestures”, and in the Keystrokes menu change the default action to “Middle mouse button”. This will cause a three-finger tap on the touchpad to perform the action equivalent to clicking the mouse wheel.
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What can be done by clicking with the scroll button in the browser

In addition to the function to open and close windows in Windows with the central click, there are other things that can be done by pressing this button within the browser:

  • A central click on any browser tab is used to close it
  • When doing it on a link within a web, the page opens in a new tab
  • You can also click with the wheel on the “Back” button of the browser, to open the previous page in a new tab
  • In the “Forward” button of the browser open any subsequent page in a new tab
  • The “Update” button opens an updated version of the current page in a new tab
  • In the “Home” (the little house) open your home page in a new tab, and the same happens with the pages saved in the favorites list
  • Central clicking on a bookmarks / favorites folder opens all the links in that folder at the same time
  • Automatic scrolling can be enabled by central clicking in the middle of a web page
  • Finally, a central click on any automatic suggestion when doing a search opens the result in a new tab.

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