Treat alert that availability does not guarantee access to essential medicines

“Currently there is a presence of medicine in pharmacies but the high costs make it impossible for people to buy the medicine,” warned this Tuesday, March 14, the director of Convite Projects, Francelia Ruiz.

In this sense, he explained that from the Convite Civil Association, they carry out a survey of information on the shortage of medicines in 19 cities of the country.

He reported that between January and February, the report reflected that for Anzoátegui the shortage of medicines was significantly at 20.6%, translating into the purchasing power of people.

“This translates into a violation of the population’s right to health,” he explained in an interview for Unión Radio

He specified that the State assigns bonuses that do not cover the cost of medicines or other essential supplies.

Fuente: World UR

The entry Convite warns that availability does not guarantee access to essential medicines was first published in El Informador Venezuela.

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