Travelers from the United States with Vacu ID will not have to fill out the traveler’s declaration when arriving in Puerto Rico

Effective on Friday, October 29, travelers from the United States who have their “Vacu ID” will not have to fill out the traveler’s declaration when arriving in Puerto Rico, the governor reported Tuesday. Pedro Pierluisi after signing an executive order to that end.

The chief executive added that these travelers will also have a special queue. Currently, over a million citizens have their “Vacu ID”, which is also available to minors and people who do not have a driver’s license.

People who do not have the Vacu ID will have to continue filling out the traveler’s declaration as usual.

The Vacu ID is accepted at the airport basically from the launch of the application in August.

“Thanks to this technological advance that is safe and effective, we can today relax the requirement to complete the ‘Traveler Declaration, COVID-19 Alert ′ established by the Department of Health in the month of May. Through the Data Entry System of the Vaccination Program of the Department of Health (PREIS) the government already has the information of the people who have been vaccinated so we can speed up the process of entering the island “the governor said in a press release.

Pierluisi specified that the “Vacu ID” will be presented in a special row in which they will show the “QR Code” of the application in order to validate it with the existing system and automatically registered in the “Secure Monitoring and Reporting for Public HealthBetter known as the Sara Alert.

In the case of adults traveling with minors over two years of age, they must fill out the ‘Traveler Declaration, COVID-19 Alert’ of the minor and both can use the special line for people with Vacu ID.

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“The implementation of the Vacu ID at the Luis Muñoz Marín international airport is yet another example of how our administration is using technology to speed up services, facilitate processes, such as queues, and improve direct service to citizens. Similarly, the use of this technology positions us as pioneers in the United States, and the world, in using an accessible system, while promoting health measures in the context of the pandemic and local and international tourism. We continue to plant a flag with the use of the VACU-ID ”, said the government’s chief executive of Innovation and Information, Enrique Völckers Nin.

Meanwhile, Pierluisi stressed that on the island they will continue to apply the federal regulations established by the President of the United States, Joe Biden, which require international travelers to test negative for COVID-19.




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