Who says new season says new edition of the favorite war of all true warriors: the TrashTalk Fantasy League, aka the TTFL, aka the most addictive drug in the game. Every night you pick a player, a player that you can’t take back for thirty days, and at the end of the day a leaderboard that reminds you every morning how bad you are. Except this season perhaps, since 20,000 followers at least will come out the armor from October 19 to try to win the moon and the few associated goodies. And how nice are we? We give you some tips but not too much, because we also play, and when we play… we win. On the daily menu? The good deals and the carrots announced on the side of the… Sixers!

What is the TrashTalk Fantasy League? Rules and explanations for playing TTFL, the best basketball game in the galaxy

#Good plans announced

No need to beat around the bush: Joel Embiid is THE essential player of this team, on the podium of the best TTFL players in the League last season with Nikola Jokic and Giannis Antetokounmpo. Unplayable in the face of any defense, Jojo has only potentially fragile health to stop him and whatever happens or almost it is the assurance of offering you the big minimum quarantine when you wake up. Points, rebounds, a lot of throws, the value is not certain it is inevitable. By his side ? We will be watching Dede Drummond’s stats coming off the bench but the seasons at 35 on average seem behind him, while Tobias Harris has a good face of picking perfect in case of shortage in your decks, especially when Joel is absent. As for Ben Simmons? Go to the next paragraph.

Apart from the always dreaded firedamp with Joel Embiid, how can we not mention the case of Ben Simmons. Already because his average last season has fallen (29.8 points), but also because there is nothing to indicate that he will not be traded the evening when you have decided to give him a chance. Then, globally, on talks about a guy whose physique and science of the game could allow him to be one of the best players in the League but who has decided to spend his entire career without taking a single shot and admit that that does task in TTFL. In short, 12 rebounds and 15 assists is good, but 6 points sucks.

#The three best averages of the team last season

  • Joel Embiid : 48,5 points
  • Andre Drummond : 32,9 points
  • Tobias Harris : 32 points

Here you are, you know almost everything about what to do or not to do this year in TTFL with the Sixers. Be careful though because the truth does not belong to us, because otherwise Team TrashTalk would probably not have finished last season between Ligue 11 and Ligue 17.

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