Transport – Motorhomes ride the wave of the pandemic


Covid-19 requires, the Swiss rushed on this means of transport, which broke all records in 2021, according to Auto-Suisse.

In two years, new registrations have increased by 59.2%.

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The number of newly registered commercial vehicles in Switzerland and Liechtenstein increased significantly last year, according to Auto-Suisse, the Association of Swiss Automobile Importers. Overall, 41,346 passenger and freight vehicles were newly put into service in the two countries over the past year, which is a 7.3% increase over the value of the previous year (38’538).

Boosted by the pandemic, motorhomes are flying from record to record. They show a growth of 26.4%, reaching an unprecedented figure with 7,588 new registrations. In 2020, their number was still 6,005 – which already corresponded to an increase of 2% compared to 2019 (4,766). In two years, new registrations of motorhomes have therefore increased by 59.2%. It is clear that camping as a comfortable and safe form of travel has gained further popularity with the pandemic.

“Positive sign for the Swiss economy”

It should be noted that delivery car registrations recovered by 4.3%, and heavy commercial vehicles almost equaled the level of the previous year (-0.4%). Due to the semiconductor shortage, both categories are significantly below their respective pre-pandemic market levels. In 2021, 29,251 new light commercial vehicles were registered, 4.3% more than the previous year (28,035).

“The demand for delivery cars and vans has picked up again compared to 2020, which is a positive sign for the Swiss economy,” says Christoph Wolnik, spokesperson for Auto-Suisse. The light commercial vehicle market, however, remains well below the pre-pandemic level. The evolution of the commercial vehicle market in 2022 will depend heavily on the semiconductor and raw material supply situation: “We hope that the supply of vehicle manufacturers will return to normal no later than the second half of 2022”, says Christoph Wolnik.

The Swiss motorcycle and scooter market also had the wind in its sails in 2021. It recorded an increase of 13% compared to the previous year, reaching 56,375 units, a historic record. New registrations have exploded, especially for motorcycles, and particularly the 125 cc category.

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