Transfer of inmates in La Permanente generated a riot in Valledupar

Transfer of inmates in La Permanente generated a riot in Valledupar

The transfer of some inmates from the La Permanente station, located on the fourth street in Valledupar, caused a riot by the inmates that had to be controlled by the Mobile Riot Squad, ESMAD.

The operations took place on Sunday morning after the prisoners tried to avoid the intervention of the uniformed officers.

The scheduled transfer arose from allegations of torture and extortion carried out in recent months as a result of the escape of inmate Juan Carlos Salas, alias ‘Chico Tomy’, which occurred on March 25.

“From there, some follow-ups have been carried out and some work tables have been carried out in order to investigate the reason for the escape. For this reason, we have also received many complaints and complaints about four people who have been injured, in addition to being extorted to let them in with mats, lunch, and to let them sleep in a good place because otherwise they sleep in the bathroom. That they have to pay from $500,000 to $1,000,000… when they do not agree to this request, they are attacked,” said Silvio Cuello, a municipal ombudsman. He also explained that the injured inmates were moved to a smaller patio with greater security and another was taken to a station in a municipality near the capital of Cesar.

“For this reason, we interviewed these four people (the injured inmates), but because of the threats that have been made against their family, they have not wanted to give their names. However, with the internal investigations that have been carried out with the Attorney General’s Office and the Police, some four people have been identified, of which one has been transferred,” Cuello pointed out.

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Meanwhile, the recent operation reached the point of affecting the inhabitants of the neighboring houses of the detention center, who through videos denounced that the objects thrown by the inmates or uniformed personnel fell on their roofs, causing damage.

“Some of the people held there created a little disorder, but we have it under control. The idea is to be able to do articulated work and have the possibility of transferring people so that the site is more stable,” said Colonel Luis León Rodríguez, commander of the Cesar Police Department.

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