Training of 16 suspects arrested in Hyderabad in Anantgiri Hills!?  SP Waqarabad District Koti Reddy declared these reports false – Saher News

Training of 16 suspects arrested in Hyderabad in Anantgiri Hills!? SP Waqarabad District Koti Reddy declared these reports false – Saher News

Arrested in Hyderabad 16 Suspects training in the forests of Anantgiri Hills!?
Exciting news in a corner of the media citing investigative agencies
SP Waqarabad District Nandyala Koti Reddy termed these reports as false

Hyderabad/Waqarabad: 12/May

Tuesday May 2 Madhya Pradesh Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS#) and teams of Telangana Intelligence officials carrying out joint operations 16 Suspects were taken into custody. Among them 11 Individuals belong to Madhya Pradesh and 5 was reported to be from Hyderabad. Later these arrested suspects were shifted to Bhopal by Madhya Pradesh ATS officials.

According to media reports, mobile phones, laptops, knives and suspicious literature have been seized from the possession of these arrested persons. Later there were reports in the media from Madhya Pradesh that the arrested belonged to Hizb ut-Tahrir (HUT#) and Madhya Pradesh Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) officials are busy scanning the mobile phones of these arrested Hizb-e-Tahrir members to get details of their networks and associates. It is trying to trace the sources of funding to the group and is engaged in scanning mobile phones to get their connections and more details.

Ever since the arrest of these suspects from Hyderabad, certain news channels, digital and print media have been making sensational headlines with sensational headlines citing investigative agencies that the arrested suspects were planning to execute their plans. Anant trained in the forests of Gari Hills.

These reports also claim that these suspects received explosives preparation and firing training in Anantgiri Hills in Waqarabad district and terrorized malls, crowded public places and government buildings in Hyderabad. There was a plan to carry out the attack. According to a website, the members of this group planned to carry it out in three phases. And for this, a YouTube channel was also created. 3,600 There are subscribers. And who are these subscribers, the police is tracking it.

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According to the investigative agencies, such sensational news has created an atmosphere of fear among the people of Telangana and Waqarabad district apart from Hyderabad.

It should be noted that Anantgiri Hills is a spacious tourist destination of Waqarabad district consisting of two and a half thousand acres of forest area. It is called Ooty of Telangana. It is from Hyderabad. 75 km And from Waqarabad district headquarters 6 km is at a distance of

In this regard, last evening and today Superintendent of Police Waqarabad district Mr. Nandyala Koti Reddy IPS issued two press notices saying that “running on few news channels and social media” Training terrorists in Anantgiri forestsThere is no truth in such news. District SP Mr. Nandyala Koti Reddy IPS has said that no one should spread such unconfirmed news and create fear among the people.

today May 12 SP Waqarabad District Mr. Nandyala, Koti Reddy IPS, in his press note issued on 15.00. A check post has been set up at Anantgiri Hills by the police for the protection of these tourists and continuous police patrols are being carried out, all vehicles are being searched. It is done. Every passing vehicle is always watched by the police.

District SP Waqarabad Mr. Nandyala Koti Reddy IPS has said that cordon and search is conducted by the police in the surrounding areas of Anantgiri Hills and in the nearby areas and by barricading the areas on new people coming to these areas. A close watch is also kept. Similarly, a special watch is kept for the safety of tourists visiting Anantgiri Hills. This area is specially monitored by the police.

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Anantgiri Hills. Ananthagiri Hills

SP Waqarabad District Mr. Nandyala Koti Reddy IPS in his statement requested the public not to be afraid and not feel unsafe by believing false and false news.

The District SP has said that the people should have full confidence that the District Police is always vigilant for their protection. That if anyone has any evidence in this matter, they should provide it to the concerned officials.

On the other hand, a claim is being made on the website of a famous Telugu news channel that in the investigation of the investigation agencies, it has been found that the arrested 16 The suspects were planning terrorist attacks in Hyderabad and hiding their identities in a clandestine manner in the old city area of ​​Hyderabad. 18 They were staying for months. And these people used to chat with each other secretly through dark website, rocket chat and therema app.

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