Training in aesthetic medicine in Spain

In 2020, aesthetic medicine moved about 71,000 million euros.

The aesthetic medicine continues to gain relevance among health specializations. With exponential growth, more and more institutions are requesting medical professionals master the most advanced techniques. The problem comes when there are few institutions that present in their training catalog specializations linked to aesthetic health and its various technologies, such as that of Surgical medical laser. Thus, one of the few training centers that has specific training endorsed by international organizations is Nebrija University, which includes in its catalog of degrees both the Master in Permanent Training in Aesthetic Medicine As the Master of Permanent Training in Surgical Medical Laserthe latter more specific and focused on the tools applied to aesthetic health.

And it is that, following the global data, last 2022 in the United States the Aesthetic medicine moved about 71,000 million euros. A figure that is expected to continue growing until it reaches 9.8 percent more in 2028. With this demand, health entities are beginning to request more profiles trained in aesthetic medicine, an added difficulty in Spain where is not recognized as a specialty despite the fact that his clinical practice is more than extended throughout the national territory.

The demand for Aesthetic Medicine is expected to grow a further 9.8 percent by 2028

The two degrees offered by the Nebrija University, with blended learning and adapted within the offer of the Faculty of Life and Natural Sciencesare aimed at experienced professionals who are well acquainted with the techniques, technologies and trends of today’s society.

Thus, it should be noted that both the Aesthetic Medicine and Surgical Laser specializations and the rest of Nebrija University’s degrees are carried out within a training model that combines academic excellence, international experience, personalization and acquisition of new skillsa training prism whose objective is to build a unique professional profile that makes the doctor an essential figure in the field of aesthetic medicine.

At the level of researchprofessionals interested in developing in this field, also have the possibility of contacting the brabe research group (from English, ‘brain’, brain and ‘behaviour’, behaviour), attached to the Faculty of Life and Nature Sciences. This group works to close the existing knowledge gap and allows the identification of therapeutic approaches to prevent or alleviate neurodegeneration and processes associated with aging.

Technology applied to aesthetic medicine

Laser technology is one of the most current techniques at the service of aesthetic medicine. Whether through medical photonics, photomedicine or medical-surgical laser, a discipline is constituted with a well-established body of doctrine at the international level.

In this sense, the Master’s Degree in Permanent Training in Surgical Medical Laser of the Nebrija University offers contents endorsed by a Consulting Committee of 6 experts of recognized world prestige, as well as by the Spanish Society of Medical-Surgical Laser (Selmq). All this is aimed at providing the student with a high degree of specialization in handling the different types of lasers, light sources and emerging technologies that continually arise for aesthetic and dermatoesthetic treatments.

The Master of Permanent Training in Medical-Surgical Laser has a duration of two years, starting next October 2022

Specifically, this degree is aimed at train experts and opinion leaders in the use of lasers and light sources indicated for aesthetic and dermato-aesthetic treatments. To a lesser extent, other non-laser energy-based equipment is also included, such as radiofrequency, ultrasound and other emerging technologies.

The Master’s Degree in Permanent Training in Surgical Medical Laser has a duration of two yearsstarting next month October 2022 and it is completely taught in Spanish, adding the possibility of making use of the Nebrija University virtual campus.

General training in Aesthetic Medicine at Nebrija University

Based on practice and through videos that affect real knowledge, the Master in Permanent Training in Aesthetic Medicine It supposes a “specialization of specialties”, since it shares common fields with Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, Maxillofacial, Vascular Surgery or Ophthalmology.

This degree highlights the focus on the personal improvement of the patient beyond general health, with little or no invasive techniques, well-studied materials with minimal adverse effects, light-based appliances with long years of development. A training that makes it different from the specialties that are given during the MIR residency period.

As highlighted by the Nebrija University, “students who take this master’s degree will be in a position to work in one of the most diverse and promising fields of Medicine, whether you want to join an established professional team or run your own centre”.

Like the formation of Master’s Degree in Permanent Training in Surgical Medical Laser This master’s degree lasts for two years in blended format, starting next October 2022.

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