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Training for help: what problems can be solved with the help of sports

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Training for help: what problems can be solved with the help of sports

News of show business:Exercise also helps prevent many chronic diseases. We will tell you which ones.

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    Type 2 diabetes

    Exercise helps people with diabetes manage their blood sugar. Your muscles use glucose when you exercise, even if you are insulin resistant. This in turn helps to lower overall glucose levels. Numerous studies have shown that regular physical activity improves insulin sensitivity. Most people with type 2 diabetes are overweight. Therefore, it is best to start with low-intensity exercises.

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    Regular exercise reduces the number and intensity of asthma attacks. Most patients benefit from high intensity short exercises. Long cardiotraining is undesirable. Ask your doctor for a suitable workout. And don't forget to take your asthma medicine before your workout.

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    Decreased sex drive

    Training increases it in both men and women. In one study, men reported that after 9 months of intense training, their sexual function improved. They are also convinced that physical proximity has become better. They received more satisfaction than before the sport.

    A study on women showed the same results. Women who practiced on an exercise bike for 20 minutes were more excited while watching adult films than those who did not exercise. Improving intimacy is also associated with the fact that people after training increase their self-esteem.

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    Training helps us sleep better. And lack of sleep increases the risk of skipping a workout the next day. These things are interconnected. But you will not immediately feel the benefits of sleep. One study showed that people overcame insomnia only after 4 months of regular training.

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    People with depression have one big problem – demotivation. But, if you find the strength to go to training, your condition will improve. Exercise releases endorphins. You cheer up and distract from thoughts of sad things. Over time, depression disappears.

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    Memory problems

    You probably already know that exercise reduces the risk of memory problems, including dementia. But you do not need to wait for old age. Start enjoying the benefits of your workout now. Exercise increases the flow of blood to your brain. It improves concentration and memory.

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    The tides

    Exercising during menopause helps reduce the frequency of hot flashes. Especially if the workout is intense and makes you sweat. According to one study, women with menopause after 4 months of training had fewer hot flashes than before.

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