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Status: 07/27/2022 8:54 p.m

A man is said to have stopped a regional train from Kiel to Neumünster several times early on Wednesday morning. According to the federal police, the 36-year-old had previously been asked by a train attendant about the obligation to wear a mask on the regional express.

The man was then completely freaked out, it was said. He insulted the train attendant and a colleague in the worst possible way, threatened them and behaved extremely aggressively. According to the officials, he pulled the emergency brake several times and hit three side windows of the train with an emergency hammer, causing them to splinter. He injured himself slightly. Other passengers were not harmed.

AUDIO: Man riots in train (1 min)

Train had to be replaced

When the train arrived in Neumünster at around 3:30 a.m., police officers received the man. The 36-year-old, who is known to the police, is now facing criminal proceedings for insult, threats, coercion, property damage and misuse of emergency aid. The train was so damaged that it could not continue.

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A regional train had to stop between Husby and Flensburg due to a defect. The passengers had to leave the train after the arrival of the fire brigade. more 8w, 128w, 568w, 760w, 1067w, 1920w, 184w, 256w, 280w, 376w" sizes="1px">A regional train passing at a level crossing.  © Daniel Kummetz Photo: Daniel Kummetz

Transport planners consider dozens of new train stops in the country to be possible. This could solve local bus traffic problems. more 8w, 128w, 568w, 760w, 1067w, 1920w, 184w, 256w, 280w, 376w" sizes="1px">Reporter Lisa sits by a small log fire in front of her beach wagon.  © NDR Photo: Dominik Dührsen

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