Train: Beef cattle severely injure woman and drag man along 20 meters


At one event on the Braunvieh breeding area in the city of Zug, a cow escaped and could not be brought under control again. A woman was run over by the animal and had to be flown to a hospital outside the canton by Rega.

When unloading from an animal transporter, shortly after eight o’clock on Saturday morning, a cow broke loose and dragged a 32-year-old man around 20 meters. As a result, a 30-year-old woman tried to stop the animal, whereupon she was run over by the runaway gray cattle and thrown to the ground. An 81-year-old man, who was also bumped into by the cattle, also fell to the ground. With shoulder injuries, he went to medical treatment on his own, according to the Zug police. The woman, on the other hand, suffered serious head injuries and had to be flown to a hospital outside the canton by Rega.

The aggressive cattle could neither be calmed nor caught by the farmers present. Finally, the two-year-old animal ran along the lake promenade in the direction of Zug city center, across Landsgemeindeplatz, through the old town, past the powder tower and up Zugerbergstrasse. At the Zurlaubenhof, several emergency services and farmers tried to catch the cattle again, but according to the police, this was not possible due to the animal’s continued aggressive behavior.

Because there was a danger that the cattle could attack and injure bystanders, it had to be killed by a police officer with a gun.



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