Friday, November 15, 2019
Home News Traffic interrupted for 60 days in Madalena do Mar

Traffic interrupted for 60 days in Madalena do Mar

From this Tuesday, 12 November and for a period of approximately 60 days, the Torreão Municipal Road, in the parish of Madalena do Mar will be closed to all car traffic, reports the Ponta do Sol City Council .

The reason for the closure is the demolition and reconstruction of the RMM4 bridge, within the scope of the Regularization of the Final Section of the Ribeira da Madalena do Mar, with the transit being made on other roads.

As such, the Via Expresso 3 tunnel becomes an alternative for vehicles wishing to circulate in that area, and pedestrians should use the metal bridge upstream of the restaurant 'A Poita'.



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