TPMP – Victim of an assault this weekend in front of her home, Delphine Wespiser had criticized in the wake on Instagram the inaction of the police, wondering in particular: “What is the police doing?”.

On the set of Do not touch My TV this Monday, October 11, Miss France 2012 returned to this controversy, the police union Alliance Grand-Est having demanded “a public apology on the part of Delphine Wespiser”.

“This Insta, I did it under ‘I was shocked, disgusted’, I wrote that. And in fact that sentence, ‘what are the police doing?’ Is a sentence that all victims can say because in fact when it happens to us, we would like the instant solution, the police in front of us. At the same time, she could not be in front of me, (because) I did not call her ”, explains Delphine Wespiser on the set of Cyril Hanouna (to listen below in video).

“And then in the end, I wondered why did this happen to me?” She asks herself then. “I spread kindness, I try to work hard … (Because) it actually happens to everyone, even in front of their door. And then I was like, ‘Actually maybe it happened to me to be able to answer that question What does the police?‘. Well I saw what the police did, because I spent the whole night in the police station, I spoke with them, I saw that if I did not see the police in the streets in Mulhouse, it’s because you have plenty of unmarked cars, which are not flocked, and people do not know it ”.

“Justice should put more resources”

“I think that today, people no longer legitimize the police as much, because you don’t have enough resources, you don’t have enough people, and it really should be, because indeed the victims of insecurity is people and it is also the police, because today justice should provide more resources ”, she still believes.

In an Instagram story published this Monday evening, Delphine Wespiser spoke again about this, playing the card of appeasement with the police.

“‘What does the police?’ I had to live through this event to answer this question which was born in me under the shock of this shock and this feeling of insecurity ”, she said, before“ reaffirming (r) (s) one bigger respect ”to the police.

wespiserd Instagram

At the end of September, it was Miss France 2019, Vaimalama Chavez, who had recounted his assault by a group of teenagers. She also deplored the lack of responsiveness of the police: “I tried to film to show it to the police, who an hour later is still not there. ‘It’s okay, she only received pebbles’ by phone. No sir, I did not receive ‘only’ pebbles, ”she said indignantly.

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