Toyota offers groundbreaking used car warranty – Motor

So far, the Toyota Relax program is only valid in the UK, and its introduction should compensate for the reduction in the warranty on new cars of the Japanese brand. Since June 1, 2021, Toyota UK’s regular warranty has been reduced from five years and 100 thousand miles (161 thousand km) to three years and 60 thousand miles (96 thousand km).

Owners of used cars that have not been serviced by dealers for a long time and which are not covered by the usual warranty will be able to take advantage of Toyota Relax. However, once the customer has serviced a Toyota authorized dealer in the UK, the warranty will automatically renew and be extended by one year and ten thousand miles (16 thousand kilometers).

Toyota UK assumes that authorized dealers can charge a substantial bill for servicing used cars, so the owner will be offered an interest-free installment plan for MOT. The warranty can be extended until the odometer shows more than 100 thousand miles (161 thousand kilometers), or the age of the car does not exceed ten years.

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