Toyota Corolla Cross, best-selling SUV car: How much does it cost?

The month of July closed with a 16% growth in 0km car registrations compared to the same month last year, an encouraging result in a market that was complicated by the rise in the blue dollar and the uncertainty of sellers to close operations .

by brands, Toyota was consolidated as the winner, surpassing Fiat and Volkswagen, which occupy second and third place, while 5 of the 10 best-selling models are from the Japanese company, including the Corolla Cross.

It is SUV that cares from Brazilhas been racking up a lot of reservations since last year, and the sale is now catching up.

In this way, between January and July, patented more than 6000 units of the Toyota Corolla Cross, winning in the ranking smaller and cheaper modelswho always had the leadership.

Toyota Corolla Cross: prices and versions

The Toyota Corolla Cross is characterized by being one of the few SUVs in the medium segment that is offered with a gasoline and hybrid enginewhich provides great fuel savings and, in some cities or provinces, does not pay patent.

Toyota Corolla Cross, number one in sales.

Regarding the offer, offered in six versions, with values ​​ranging from $5,632,000 to $7,868,000 for the most equipped hybrid. Then the sports one is added, Corolla Cross GR-SPORT 2.0 CVT, which has a price of 8,282,000 pesos.

In terms of sales, it has accumulated in the year a 291% growththanks to all the reservations that were maintained from last year and are now arriving in the country.

With these advantages in the price-quality ratio, it managed to remove cheaper models from the podium, remaining until now as the leading SUV in the country.

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Top 10 best-selling SUVs

According to July sales, between Best selling SUVs the following are found:

Toyota Corolla Cross: 1,220 were sold in the year, some 6,702 units per year, which marks a rise of 291.7% in the year. This number positions it as the best-selling SUV, surpassing several smaller and cheaper models.

Volkswagen Taos: With 951 sales, it is second in the SUV ranking, with 4,792 accumulated and an annual increase of 1,004.1%.

Volkswagen Taos, second best-selling SUV of the month.

Volkswagen Taos, second best-selling SUV of the month.

Citroen C4 Cactus: with 814 sales in the month, has sold 5,300 in the year, being the second most sold in the annual accumulated, with a growth of 62.6%. It is the best seller among the boys.

Fiat Pulse: with 574, it was one of the leading SUVs for the month. In the year it has accumulated 2,317 sales, although it was launched in April and has only been on the market for a few months.

Fiat Pulse, the revelation of the small segment.

Fiat Pulse, the revelation of the small segment.

Chevrolet Tracker: with 456 sales in the month, 2,523 units were sold in the year, with a drop of 34.1%. As of this month, manufacturing began in Argentina, at the Alvear plant, province of Santa Fe.

Volkswagen Nivus: It is the sixth of the month, with 447 units. In the year it has accumulated 2,334, a drop of 40.1%. One of the problems with this model is the lack of stock and the high price premiums.

Jeep Compass: with 410 sales in the month, in the year it sold 2,139 units, a drop of 20.8%. He was third in the middleweight segment.

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Toyota SW4: with 390 sales, 2,718 units were patented in the year, a drop of 18.6%. This model is manufactured in the country, at the Zárate plant, province of Buenos Aires.

Toyota SW4, the national SUV.

Toyota SW4, the national SUV.

Nissan Kicks: with 313, it is the ninth best-selling SUV of the month. In the year it accumulates 2,740 sales, a drop of 28.4%.

Peugeot 2008: with 311 units sold, it completes the podium. In the year he accumulates 1,734 patents, with a rise of 10.9%.



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