She was the most popular talk show host in the United States. In 2003 she started The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Anyone with a reputation in Hollywood was already sitting on the couch with her.

The fans of Ellen DeGeneres love the show – they love the guests and the stories, Ellen’s humor and of course Ellen DeGeneres herself. In short: Ellen is “Everybody’s Darling”. But now the TV darling is making negative headlines.

Serious allegations against three producers of the show

In secret, it seems to be bubbling enormously. True to the motto: more appearance than being. The set of the success show is said to be in bad conditions. Two weeks ago, BuzzFeed published reports from one employee and ten former employees who claimed they were exposed to a “toxic work environment”.

Several employees of the format claimed that they had been released after sick leave or after mourning days. They also claimed that several members of the crew had been bullied repeatedly. The allegations are directed against three producers of the good mood show: Ed Glavin, Mary Connelly and Andy Lassner.

The parent company “WarnerMedia” is now investigating these serious allegations and has initiated internal investigations.

Talk Queen Ellen DeGeneres should take responsibility

The serious accusations do not refer to moderator Ellen DeGeneres, but nevertheless a former employee explained why the Talk Queen should not get away with it: «I think the responsible producers tell Ellen that everything is going great and everyone is happy. And she just believes it. But it would be your responsibility to question that ».

Ellen DeGeneres has not yet commented on the allegations.