Tourism: ‘The New York Times’ places an Asturian beach among the best in Europe

Frejulfe Beach / photolia

The newspaper included Frejulfe Beach (Navia) as the first among the five ‘best European family beaches’

It seems that the beaches of Asturias are in style this summer. After having published a series of photographs with “The best destinations to visit in 2022”, the newspaper
‘The New York Times’ has set its sights on Europe and has selected
top five family beaches to go to Among all of them, the journalist Andrew Fellen has fallen before the wonders of the Asturian beach of Frejulfe (Navia), which he has placed as the first of his selection.

The article reconsiders the basic aspects that a beach must meet if you want to have a good time (and even more so if you go with children):
clean sands, calm waters, natural pools or decent access are some of the key points that are considered main. Adding that it is close to a place where they serve good food, showers and, perhaps, an area where you can enjoy nature, are other pluses that arise.

Frejulfe beach seems to fulfill all the precepts, both essential and optional, which is why it is placed as
first essential on the list.

Discovered thanks to the pandemic

The curious thing about Frejulfe beach being seen in all its summer splendor is that it was
thanks to the COVID break. Lacking the possibility of being able to travel to better known places, the journalist and his family found a paradise on the Asturian beach with “small waterfalls, caves and a narrow river of salt water that meanders through the sand until it empties into the sea; giving the little ones the opportunity to wriggle in the water without the danger of the waves”, given that this beach is characterized by its waters with a lot of waves.

Apart from the sandbank and its waters, it also highlights
the ease of access to the beach, different from those of some of the most natural beaches of the Asturian coast. “Some beaches, like nearby Fabal, are reached by steep stairs or precarious paths that would be difficult, if not unsafe, for younger children,” Fellen recounted. however, Frejulfe enjoys easy access and ample parking space if you have a car.

Luarca and Puerto de Vega as a recommendation

He also took the opportunity to mention
different points of cultural interestsuch as the Roman and Celtic settlements in the area and the impressive Asturian hiking trails that line the coast.

In addition, I dedicate a moment to talk about the fishing villages of
Luarca y
Port of Vega, where he pointed out being able to enjoy good marine gastronomy. “The locals love it.
‘The Barometer’ for its seafood and rice dishes“, he recommended.

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