Tour de France: doping raid and suspicious factors

Dthe curtain has fallen. And some questions remain unanswered after the Tour de France. For example this: How is Matej Mohoric’s gesture at the finish line to be interpreted after his victory in the stage last Friday? As a pantomime on the bike, he first put his finger over his mouth and then moved his thumb and forefinger from one corner of the mouth to the other. As if the Slovenian wanted to close a zipper. When asked about the message, the professional explained his mood to his own team after the raid two days earlier.

Around 50 officials had searched accommodations and the bus of “Bahrain Victorious” and confiscated cell phones on suspicion of possession, import and transfer of doping substances. Unpleasant. He felt like a criminal. But after careful consideration, Mohoric reported to journalists that it was also a good sign. Because control continues. And yes, the officials would not have found anything. The French public prosecutor’s office has not yet commented on the results of the action they have been preparing since the beginning of July. Mohoric expects the proceedings to be discontinued.

Shut up – or present something

That should probably also be the message of his gesture at the moment of triumph to all those who feel reminded of times and are skeptical of the incredible achievements of the 2021 tour because they have been lied to so often: Shut up – or put something in front of them. There is nothing. For now. No positive controls. But that is nothing new. Only one of Lance Armstrong was known until, under pressure from American investigations, he had to confess to have been covered for years. And this one did not count at the time because, as part of a follow-up control procedure, it did not meet the formal requirements for the procedure with A and B samples.

Knowledge has never been more valuable

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Armstrong was also capable of gestures. In 2004 he made the zipper in front of his world audience during a tour stage. This was to be understood as a warning to loud-thinking critics in the field: shut up! Those who didn’t do it, like the Italian Filippo Simeoni, were hit hard by the patron – analogously -.


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