The iconic presenter and host of France of Nagui seems to have fallen totally under the spell of candidate Océane during the show Do not forget the lyrics from this Friday July 24.

A nice moment in Do not forget the lyrics dont Nagui has been presenting for a very long time now. Popular and emblematic figure of France 2, Nagui is still one of the favorite presenters of the French, and is ubiquitous on the channel daily. In addition to his noon show, Everyone wants to take its place, he also ensures every evening the presentation of the largest Karaoke in France called Do not forget the lyrics.

A simple concept in which contestants have to perform songs and guess the missing lyrics. If sometimes the performances are not up to par, other times seem truly magical. In addition to the interpretation of the singers, the daily show of Nagui is often the opportunity for the host to show all his talent by regularly improvising small humorous sessions that are generally remembered. But with the passage of Océane, it was truly a different atmosphere.

If it is very difficult to impress Nagui in terms of music, it would seem that the candidate has succeeded in meeting this challenge. We must admit that in his career, Nagui has seen almost everything artistically. At the head of the show Taratata for many years, Mélanie Page’s husband had the opportunity to welcome all the greatest French and international artists on his set. In addition, with the presentation of Do not forget the lyrics, he has hosted an incredible number of amateur singers who come on his show to try to win the jackpot.

It is therefore with an attentive and expert ear that Nagui distributes the good points and the bad for the candidates who try the adventure of the famous game. If sometimes the result is somewhat disappointing, the passage of the candidate Océane of this last Friday will have had the merit of scoring Nagui who did not fail to compliment the young woman. A performance which put everyone in agreement and which left all those present on the set speechless. And yet, it takes a lot to impress the one who initiated the most beautiful duets of French song in his show. Taratata by welcoming the greatest musical talents to France 2 for more than a decade.

When Océane, who is a singer and musicothérapeute started his performance, everyone was speechless. When she came to try her luck against the champion Magalie, she performed a capella a children’s song in Arabic which made a real success. Totally under the spell, the flagship host of France 2 seemed to have difficulty finding these words and was just able to say “But then…. That’s great ! “. If generally the famous television host is able to be very critical of those who sing out of tune, this time, he was completely speechless, visibly very moved by the performance of the candidate.

To wow Nagui in musical matters is really not an easy thing to do, firstly because we know his excellent knowledge of music, but secondly, also, because he had the chance to rub shoulders with the best in the field. , for many, many years. Very disappointed when his show stopped Taratata, the show was nevertheless an unmissable event on Saturday nights of France 2 which brought together on the same stage artists from different backgrounds and who met to perform a common title. Singers, singers or groups who sometimes came to interpret their own pieces, but much more often to perform covers that left magical moments in the history of French television.

But, in his daily show Do not forget the lyrics, even if these are amateur singers, it sometimes happens that Nagui or still surprised by the talent of his guests who came to interpret one or more titles on his set. Because, in addition to the artistic part, there is also a pressure for the candidates who do not know which piece they will have to sing, but above all whose part of the lyrics will not be delivered to them. The principle is very simple.

The text of the songs scrolls as the orchestra plays. Suddenly, the stars of one night have to find the missing lyrics literally. No question of the slightest hesitation or the slightest error which is immediately sanctioned by elimination. And in this little game, some candidates turn out to be real phenomena. If we add to this, the presentation style of Nagui who never lacks humor, but who also knows how to be critical or severe, this clever mixture seems to fascinate the public. The spectators are always very numerous to follow the daily show.

Adapted from an American format, Do not forget the lyrics has been broadcast daily on France 2 since December 2007. A program presented and produced since day one by the favorite presenter of the French, Nagui. Directed by Gérard Pullicino, the program is a real hit. If the rules of the game are simple, there are still very few candidates who have managed to complete the adventure.

Viewers nevertheless remember some first names of the greatest champions of the game, some of whom came away with considerable sums. We must therefore cite Margaux, the greatest champion in history, who with 59 victories had managed to garner a small jackpot of 530,000 euros before her ouster on February 3, 2020. In this top of the ranking, we find Kevin that ‘ he himself, in 2018, had managed to achieve 43 victories. He left with a check for over 400,000 euros.

And to end this top trio, we meet reminds of Renaud’s performance arrived in December 2018 on the set of Do not forget the lyrics. He stayed 55 days to win a jackpot of 391,000 euros.

Scores and amounts that leave the candidates dreaming, who try their luck every day under the benevolent gaze, but also critical of Nagui who had today fallen under the spell of Océane.