Tornado over Wuppertal: DWD confirms hurricane – all news in the live blog

Tornado over Wuppertal: DWD confirms hurricane – all news in the live blog

LiveAll developments for the extreme summer


Typhoon Saola seen from an airplane near Hong Kong

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The effects of the climate crisis are particularly evident this summer. The next severe storms have hit North America and East Asia, and forest fires have raged in several countries. And according to experts, Europe’s financial policy must also react more strongly. A live blog on global developments.

The climate crisis is already being felt globally. In many parts of the world, thermometers have broken heat records in recent weeks, and in China and Hong Kong there is now great concern about Typhoon Saola. The EU metropolis of Brussels is struggling with flooded road tunnels – experts warn that Europe’s financial and debt policy should also take the consequences of global warming into account more clearly. Follow the worldwide news on climate change and extreme weather conditions as well as articles from our editorial team in our live blog.

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What are the causes of climate change?

Above all, CO₂ is the strongest driver of climate change. Man is largely responsible for the increase. The emission of greenhouse gases such as methane or CO₂ should therefore be reduced. The world community has agreed on this in order to mitigate global warming. In Germany, for example, emissions are to be reduced by 65 percent by 2030.

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What are the consequences of climate change?

Sea levels are rising worldwide, the months and years are getting warmer in comparison. Long periods of heat and drought will be the result, and water shortages and crop failures will also occur more frequently.

What are the facts about climate change?

1. Climate change is man-made. 2. The dangers for people and ecosystems are great. 3. Experts agree that countersteering is still an option. Time is of the essence: According to some models, the time for meeting the 1.5 degree target has already passed, even in optimistic scenarios there are only a few years left.

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