TOP high-tech tips available this weekend

Among all the high-tech sectors, that of connected objects has been particularly popular for several months now. The French are equipping themselves with more and more devices connected to the web and in the field, manufacturers are particularly inventive and offer many references to improve their daily life and make life easier.

Indeed, connected objects take many forms. Connected speakers, bulbs, thermostats, but also robot vacuum cleaners, there are literally hundreds of them and it is sometimes difficult to navigate with such a profusion of accessories.

Connected speakers first of all are the devices most popular with consumers. What could be more normal after all since they are the ones who bring together the most features, starting with the audio part. Before being connected, the speaker allows you to access your music from any Bluetooth device but also directly from your favorite streaming service. All of them are available from Spotify to Amazon Music to Deezer and Apple Music. These devices are available in small objects or imposing speakers for a sound capable of dressing a room, even a large one, with what it takes to liven up an evening.

Inside these speakers there is a voice assistant among Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri for Apple devices. These three technologies are able to finely understand your requests and answer your slightest questions, whether it is about the weather tomorrow, to start a timer or even to obtain the shortest route to arrive. to destination.

Many connected services are added to the already substantial list of default applications. This is particularly the case with the skills of Alexa, small software that is very easy to install and allows you to obtain the latest news bulletin from your favorite daily newspaper, a radio station or even your sports results. football, rugby or your favorite player.

The connected speaker is also a home automation object that allows you to control all the other connected accessories in the house. It acts as a hub, the brain of your installation. Just say a voice command to start cleaning your house, turn on the lights or close the shutters. You can also, from the applications dedicated to these three assistants, create complete scenarios so that with a simple “Hello” pronounced in the morning, your lights come on automatically, your connected socket turns on to start the coffee maker and you have access to the latest information. It is almost magic.

Among the other connected objects available, we can also mention connected light bulbs. It doesn’t seem like much but how painful it can be once you get home in the evening to have to turn on each of your bulbs one by one, to have to find the switches in each room. Connected bulbs offer you a much more practical device, namely a single press on your smartphone or a simple voice command to light all of your rooms or just those you want when you return home. You can also create automatic scenarios to trigger the switching on and off of the bulbs at a specific time or a few minutes before sunsets and sunrises.

We can also talk about connected thermostats that allow you to maintain an excellent temperature in your home even when you are away. From your smartphone, you only have to press a button to start the heating of your house and find the soft warmth of your home after your weekend or your stay.

Finally, let’s not forget the robot vacuum cleaners, which pass over the floor for you and give you the benefit of a clean floor free of dust, crumbs or even mites. You can program it in your absence so that it goes off during your entire vacation every day. Some models come with a dust collection base so you don’t even have to empty the bin every day. No maintenance is required and many hours of free time await you after installing this device in your home.

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