Top Gun: Maverick – Jennifer Connelly describes her love scenes with Tom Cruise

She’s said it before: Jennifer Connelly has a lot of respect for Tom Cruise and his acting skills. She confides in their intimate scenes in Top Gun : Maverick.

Thirty-six years separate Top Gunthe cult 80s action film that propelled Tom Cruise to international star status, and its sequel, Top Gun : Maverick, whose release is fast approaching. Originally scheduled for the summer of 2019, the film has already had an incredible “journey”: most of the scenes were boxed four years ago, in 2018 and yet the film has still not approached dark rooms. The fault of the Covid-19 obviously, but also of the commitments of its main actor on other franchises.

Its release is now imminent – the feature film will soon premiere at the Cannes Film Festival – and the film team has resumed promotion. The opportunity for actress Jennifer Connelly to say all the good things she thinks of her playmate and the characters they portray.

Maverick and his acolytes return to service

It’s in the columns of the American magazine Variety that the actress confided, first on her meeting with the actor:

“I had never met Tom Cruise before. He is so exceptional. When you spend time with him, you understand why he was such a star for years. It was obvious that the franchise was close to his heart, I I felt indebted to him.

In this second film, she plays Penny Benjamin, a beautiful bartender who seduces the daredevil Maverick. She therefore explains the chemistry between their characters, especially in the romantic scenes:

“We focused on their intimacy and how they come into each other’s lives. I think these characters have a really tender relationship…the way she understands it. They share a moment in bed , to discuss… Clearly, they have a complicated past and she revolves around that with a lot of humor and playfulness. I think she’s a very positive person, who is moving towards happiness.”

Top Gun : Maverick : photo, Tom CruiseTop Gun : Maverick : photo, Tom CruiseThe lovebirds of Top Gun 2

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The actress is no beginner: she already won an Oscar twenty years ago for her supporting role in An exceptional man. Still, she found filming with Tom Cruise very impressive. This is what she was already saying before the first postponements of the film in 2020.

Top Gun : Maverick by Joseph Kosinski is expected in French theaters for the May 25, 2022 (this time it’s the right one!). At the writing of Large Screen, we have already been able to take a look at it: we invite you to read our review. You can also get an idea by watching the spectacular trailer released a few weeks ago.



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