After being bought by a Saudi fund, who promises to be the new force of the Premier League already studies his new coach and the dance of names began.

The recent sale of the Newcastle United an investment group from Saudi Arabia continues to be talked about. Las Urracas, who promise to be the new force of the Premier League, already confirmed that their current coach Steve Bruce will no longer be in the position and the dance of renowned strategists has already begun.

There are three names that itch to wear the DT diver of the English team: Antonio Conte, Brendan Rogers and Eddie Howe. As for the Italian coach, who knew how to command the Italian National Soccer Team, Chelsea, Juventus and Inter Milan, among many others, He is one of the favorites of the brand-new owners, and seems to be the one that crosses the most lockers to stay with the role.

Brendan Rogers, who was in the orbit of Barcelona to impersonate Ronald Koeman is the second candidate. During his career as a coach he has gone through the Liverpool, Celtic and Leicester City. That is he knows the British domestic pageant well. In fact, he played professionally in it for several years.

Later, Eddie Howe, is another candidate. As it transpired, his name has been used a lot in recent days. His profile fits perfectly and he also has experience in the Premier. It is worth noting that he is still a free agent after leaving his previous club, and that he has also sounded as a substitute for Nuno in Tottenham.


Also, other technicians that are in the folder are Steven Gerrard, Liverpool legend and current Scottish Rangers manager, Frank Lampard, the Chelsea icon and flag and last step there as DT, and lastly Paulo Fonseca, former Roma chief strategist, who was one step away from signing with Tottenham, following the departure of Jose Mourinho.

Of the first two, both Gerrard and Lampard, their future projection and their extensive experience as players are valued, This being a facet that teams are beginning to value more and more after the good results offered by many other great coaches with similar qualities. In the case of Fonseca, he is also very fond of it, due to his knowledge in the position and his vast experience directing professionals.

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