The quality of the apartments produced by the developers – their reduced surface area, their increasingly low ceilings, their inconsistent design, their mono-orientation which reduces the luminosity and prevents any draft in summer, or even the absence of spaces storage and cellar – has been declining for ten years. This worrying observation is established, once again, in the report of the architect François Leclercq and the director of the public development establishment EpaMarne, Laurent Girometti, delivered, this Wednesday, September 8, to the Minister of Housing, Emmanuelle Wargon.

This work corroborates the results of a recent survey by the Institute of Higher Studies for Action in Housing (Idheal), “Our housing, places to spare”, made public on August 27. It measured this decline with precision, between 2000 and 2020, in terms of homes sold off plan.

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The report also crosses the barometer of the Qualitel association, which, each year, asks residents about their level of satisfaction in their housing and whose latest edition, published in October 2020, underlined “The crying lack of space and the smallness of the place”, according to Bertrand Delcambre, its president, as well as the report by Pierre-René Lemas on the quality of social housing, submitted on January 15. The confinements have also fueled the dissatisfaction of users and reinforced their need for space.

“It’s a subject that is close to my heart and I fully intend to answer it quickly, assure Mme Wargon. The new requirements focused on environmental standards, bio-based materials, low carbon, energy and acoustic performance, forgetting the quality of use, design, distribution, orientation, outdoor spaces, which is a blind spot in the policy. housing. For citizens to accept densification, construction near their homes, and to make cities attractive, desirable housing is needed. “

Acoustic issues

The Leclercq-Girometti report emphasizes five points deemed crucial. First of all, the overall area should not, for a three-room apartment for example, be less than 62 square meters: « Some new three-room apartments do not exceed 57 square meters, argues the architect, and a few more square meters are essential to reach 27 square meters in the living room, kitchen and two bedrooms with cupboards of at least 10.5 and 12 square meters. “ The report recommends a minimum surface area of ​​28 square meters for a studio, 45 square meters for a two-room, 79 square meters for a four-room and 96 square meters for a five-room.

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