“Too much noise from the railway, we need absorbent barriers”

“Too much noise from the railway, we need absorbent barriers”

Sleepless nights spent counting passing trains and putting up with maintenance work on the tracks. The exhibits and the collections of signatures. And the infinite countdown for sound-absorbing barriers, designed to reduce noise pollution by a few decibels, with positive effects on sleep and health. The residents of the Statuto and Rifredi districts are making themselves heard again, exasperated by the noise coming from the railways: “Here it is difficult to sleep and not only in the summer, when opening the windows due to the heat becomes a condemnation. Subscribe to read also Blog The guide to the shopping of the Gedi Group i Consigli.it independently chooses and recommends products and services that can be purchased online or through the advice of experts.Every time a purchase is made through one of the links present in the text, Consigli.it receives a commission without any change in the final price My book Become a Talent Scout Have your book evaluated Obituaries Search for published obituaries »

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