Too hot and highly dangerous – eleven chargers tested


How safe are the power supplies that we use to charge our cell phones every day? The “Kassensturz” dealt with this question. Out of eleven chargers, only two were rated “good”.

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The “Kassensturz” tested eleven chargers.


It shows that even if the cables are not connected to cell phones, they still consume electricity.

It shows that even if the cables are not connected to cell phones, they still consume electricity.


For example, the Logilink device consumes the most electricity in stand-by mode.

For example, the Logilink device consumes the most electricity in stand-by mode.


  • Eleven different chargers were tested by the “Kassensturz”.

  • It was about the safety as well as the efficiency of the devices.

  • The chargers from Samsung and Apple performed best.

  • However, four other devices were rated “unsatisfactory”.

The “Kassensturz” examined eleven different cell phone chargers carefully for their efficiency and safety. This also included power supplies from major distributors such as Samsung and Apple. The conclusion: of the chargers tested, only two received the grade “good”. Five more were given the label “sufficient” and four power supplies were found to be “unsatisfactory”.

The testers criticized the fact that many chargers also consume electricity when they are only connected to the socket and not to a cell phone. In fact, the Logilink charging plug wastes 0.125 watts, the most of all devices tested. Patrick Jan. Apple’s power adapter did better, as it only consumed 0.008 watts in standby mode.

Up to 66.5 degrees Celsius

It was also tested how hot the chargers got during the charging process. The devices from Samsung and Cellularline performed best, as they did not get hotter than 37.7 or 36.1 degrees Celsius even under extreme loads. The Logilink device, on the other hand, heated up to 66.5 degrees. The situation is similar with the charger from Xquisit, which heated to 60.1 degrees, and the device from OK, which got 58.7 degrees. In a damaged condition, such temperatures could lead to a fire. As a result, these three plugs received unsatisfactory marks in the heat generation category.

As far as technical safety was concerned, it was found that most of the plugs could be classified as harmless. In fact, ten devices received the “good” label in this category. Only the plug from Aukey was classified as “unsatisfactory” because its fuse blown during the simulation of a lightning strike. However, this did not happen in the same test with a second copy of Aukey.

The overall winner was the Samsung charging plug with 5.3 out of a maximum of 6 points. The charger from Apple landed in second place with 5.1 points and in third place was that of Cellularline with 4.7 points. The connector from Logilink came in last with 2.6 points, followed by the charger from Aukey with 2.9 points. The connectors from OK scored 3.7 and the connector from Xqisit with 3.9 points as well.

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