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Leonardo Bonucci counter attacks the prefect Matteo Piantedosi and the minister Roberto Speranza: “IS very Italian and simplistic to blame: everyone has their own task. The police assured us that they would handle the situation. “The defender of the national team, in an interview with The paper enters into the merits of the disputed parade last Monday in the center of Rome aboard an open bus after the victory at the European Championships. “Nobody took the place of the police “, points out. “I got the wrong job: I had to apply, other than playing football”, jokes the Juventus player, column of the Azzurri defense with Giorgio Chiellini.

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The blue defender then explains that “the whole delegation asked for the uncovered bus and since the one covered regardless had been blocked by the crowd already in the street and would have been limited in the passage to follow., the authorities agreed“. And again:” We would never, ever allow ourselves to replace the competent authorities, which I imagine have made their due assessments, sooner than what happened in Piazza del Popolo the evening before, and then with our passage into the city “. .

The prefect of Rome, Matteo Piantedosi, in an interview with Corriere della Sera he had said open-top bus celebrations were forbidden. And speaking of “agreements not respected” by the FIGC (“We were assured of a platform in Piazza del Popolo”) he underlined how the bus that “materialized” in Largo Chigi was not stopped in the end because “there were thousands of people waiting for the bus ride and banning it could have created problems of public order “.

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The prefect’s attack did not please the Figs. President Gabriele Gravina he replied with a long statement underlining that “the federation has always been responsible but above all respectful of the Italian institutions and fans”. Then, in reiterating that the responsibility for public order lies in any case with the Prefect and that the Prefect was the last decision, he went into detail about the story, telling his truth of the facts: “In the days preceding the Wembley final we had asked for authorization, always denied, to celebrate the eventual success of the European Championship, identifying different locations including Piazza del Popolo, where a safe ceremony could be held with limited numbers “.

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Having received negative responses, the FIGC had decided to organize the return flight to Florence, but then there were invitations from the head of state and the president of the Council of Ministers who changed the plans. The open bus was still denied “but after the ceremony at the Quirinale, at the request of the team, which in a few minutes saw the crowd increase in the streets on the way to Palazzo Chigi, the request to use the open bus was reiterated” . In conclusion, “upon arrival at Palazzo Chigi, considering that the situation was no longer manageable as the covered bus had not dissuaded the fans, we renewed the request at this point. shared by the institutions, for a short ride with the open bus “.


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