Tony Mwaba’s report at the head of the EPST – – Rich and complete information on the DR Congo

Tony Mwaba’s report at the head of the EPST – – Rich and complete information on the DR Congo

The Minister of EPST spoke on Sunday April 30 on the occasion of Education Day. His accomplishments at the head of this ministry was the focus of his address.

Among these achievements, the number one of the EPST recalls in particular:

  1. The abolition of all tuition fees paid by the parents of pupils at the primary level, in particular: school fees, school report costs, pupil identification costs as well as the costs of participation in the National End-of-School Examination primary education for both public and approved private establishments, all these costs now being taken into account by the State;
  2. The support to date by the Treasury of 266,220 teachers new units (NU) and staff of management offices, the number of paid teachers thus increases from 410,254 to 676,454;
  3. The average salary of a teacher has gone from 159,662 FC to 367,023 FC
  4. The readjustment of the operating costs of primary schools which led to an increase from 45,000 FC to:

A) 200,000 FC for schools with 1 to 11 classes, an increase of 344%;
B) 420,190 FC for schools with 12 to 18 classes, an increase of 834%;
C) 620,190 FC for schools with 19 classes or more, an increase of 1,278%;
D) 2,450,000 FC for prestigious schools, an increase of 5,344%.

In addition, the guardian of free education points out that the number of pupils has increased from 16,809,413 in 2018 to 22,282,278 in 2022, i.e. more than five million children have returned to school. This proves that the implementation of free is undeniably a great success.

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