Toni Roldán and Javier Nart leave Citizens. They both do it by turning to the right of the training and by the pacts with Vox of the last weeks. Citizen's economic spokesman in the Congress of Deputies, Toni Roldán, has left the party and its seat in the lower house and has appeared at the Congress to explain its motives. The 36-year-old Catalan economist, disciple of Luis Garicano, is the first leader of the party's head who leaves the training for his right turn. Meanwhile, MEP, Javier Nart, has also decided to leave the party executive after the formation decides to opt for the 'no' to the investiture of Pedro Sánchez. Nart, however, will keep his record as a Member of the European Parliament.

Shortly after knowing the loss of Roldán, the number two of the party, Inés Arrimadas, reaffirmed "the criterion of pacts unanimously approved to the executive with the vote of Toni Roldán", in relation to the preference for the pacts with PP still that Vox is needed and the veto of a government led by Pedro Sánchez, although it puts it to depend on the independentists.

The resignation of Roldán i Nart comes after the approach of Citizens to Vox through the agreements that they have signed with the PP, as it has happened to the city councils of Madrid and Zaragoza. The former deputy has explained his reasons with a statement to the Congress in which he has not accepted questions. "How do we face the policy of red against blue if we become blue?", Has been questioned.

Just a few minutes after the news was heard, his party tutor, Luis Garicano, leader of the training in the European Parliament, thanked him for the work done and pointed out that "no one has worked anymore, nobody has been loyal to the project, nobody has done more to bring reformist and regenerative policies in Spain. " He also gave a clear message to Rivera and Arrimadas: "I will continue to fight for these ideas." Garicano has been one of the most critical voices of Vox approach training.

In his statement, Roldán has criticized support for "parties that have been in power for 20 years" in clear reference to the regions where the Orange training has opted for the PP when it could be done by a PSOE of the change more in agreement with the idea of ​​"regeneration" that the party defends. Roldán also assured that Spain still has "a historic opportunity to form a stable government" and said that it has long been defending "every Monday", the day the party's federal executive is celebrated, this position to live closer to the PSOE than from Vox. "But one can not be for a long time trying to be what is not," he added.

Rivera's strategy leads Cs to the first major crisis

Approaching the ultra-real was also one of the main reasons for the break with Manuel Valls and one of the intellectuals who fostered the founding of the party, such as Francesc de Carreras and Arcadi Espada, who have also criticized this strategy and that, paradoxically , the PSOE of the independentists depends on governing.

But the most painful criticisms for the party have come from France, where President Emmanuel Macron has warned him of the contradiction that he claims to be to the liberal parliamentary eurogroup and at the same time approach the radicalism of Vox.

The gaps will not make the game change or refine its criterion of agreeing with the PP to govern with Vox support wherever it can, as pointed out this morning by number two of the party, Inés Arrimadas, after the federal executive. "We will continue with this criterion that was passed by majority to the executive, by the way also with the vote of Toni Roldán," he defended, and wanted to hold the PSOE accountable because "they are the ones who choose to agree with the pro-independence and friends of Batasuna, "he said regarding the municipal agreements with Esquerra and PDeCat and with the agreement at the table in Navarra so that Bildu has a vice presidency.

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