As Undercover says, quickly says Tom Waes. The Belgian actor is one of the big stars in the series. We spoke to him and the new face of the series, Nazmiye Oral. About the third season of the Dutch-language top series on Netflix, which can be seen since this week.

Tom Waes know fans of Undercover better as undercover cop Bob in the Netflix series. This time he is on the hunt for Leyla Bulut and her criminal organization. But here the two enemies sit side by side and talk about the new season.

Tom Waes surprised by Undercover 3

For Waes is Undercover well-known territory. “The third episode of the new season surprised me. I have my character completely inside me. Then it is also nice when fresh blood is added. A very strong woman that I can play against,” said the actor, who of course refers to Oral.

“A while ago the screenwriters came to me with the idea for the third season, Ferry and Bob should work together. I said: ‘Come on, that can’t be!’ But then, those scenarios come through and you think: ‘Damn, that’s a good idea.’ And then also the Turkish gang, that surprised me, yes!”

Tom Waes in Undercover.

Nazmiye Oral as criminal ‘businesswoman’

A new face in the series is, of course, Oral. She talks about her character: “Lelya is actually a matriarch. Her family is number 1 and she is also a real business woman. She also sees it as doing business. The profession she is in may require different things.”

Michael Jordan, the last dance, outfits, 1998
Nazmiye Oral is one of the new faces in Undercover.

Yet it is striking that Oral in Undercover plays. She had never seen the series before her audition. “Shame,” Waes jokes. Oral: “Of course I watched the series again. I also liked that my character has a light Flemish accent. Not quite Dutch with a hard G. We also watched old Turkish films. In it you have those street mafia guys, who at the same time bad on good guys to be. A kind of Robin Hoods of the street. They are tough guys. They wore their jackets over their shoulders and had a necklace. I took all that into account in my role as Leyla.”

Undercover Season 3: More Ferry and a Different Approach

Watch the full interview on video
This is only a small part of the interview with Nazmiye Oral and Tom Waes. You can hear the entire conversation in the video in this article. Undercover can be seen on Netflix since Sunday 21 November.

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Interview: Tom Waes and Nazmiye Oral about Undercover season 3

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