Tom Henderson reports on difficulties in Star Wars: Eclipse development

On that on the Game Awards announced “Star Wars: Eclipse” stirred in view of the difficult history of the studio Quantic Dream resistance within the gaming community, which we told you about recently. Tom Henderson spoke to current and former employees of the French studio and identified numerous deficiencies in the development. The previously given, already sobering prognosis that the game will need another three to four years to release, he now adjusts to four to five years. Accordingly, the Star Wars game would not appear until 2026 or 2027.

One big problem, unsurprisingly, is the engine. Because during Quantic Dreams Engine for story-driven games with small areas such as “Detroit: Become Human” and “Beyond Two Souls” is well suited and established, it comes across in a Star Wars game, where the focus should be on exploring different planets Limits. Another difficulty is the lack of staff. It is common for a development studio to hire heavily at the beginning of a project. Around 60 employees are currently working for the Quantic Dream Studio in Paris needed. In view of the publicly available information about the poor working conditions within the studio in the past, the number of applications received seems to be limited.


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