Tom Cruise’s (all) wrong carbonara recipe, which makes traditionalists shiver Cook

He just turned sixty but Tom Cruise he does not show them at all thanks to a lot of training and a strict diet in which carbohydrates are almost banned. Almost, in fact, because also Top Gun Maverick he allows himself a few snags and makes an exception for his favorite dish, which is the one he – according to him – knows how to prepare best of all: spaghetti carbonara. Indeed, he claims to be the “King of carbonara” and, to show how good he is, the actor once prepared her from Oprah Winfrey, presenter of one of the most famous and followed shows on American TV. It was a success: a consecration of his recipe (it’s on Oprah’s website) that continues to be viral on the web, as shown by the dozens of YouTube videos of users (also Americans) enthusiastic about replicating the perfect pasta dish according to a of the most famous stars of Hollywood. But carbonara, as simple as it may seem, can be full of pitfalls and the interpretation of Tom Cruise is yet another demonstration of this: one revisiting at least “Unusual”, to want to be indulgent. You also pass mistake number one, that is the addition of oil which is banned instead from the original since the only grease allowed is that of jowlsand pass because in reality to make even the most tolerant of traditionalists widen their eyes, in “Carbonara according to Tom Cruise, king of carbonara”, there is much more. In particular, two decidedly extra ingredients: two cloves of garlic and a whole chopped onion with which he fry – for half an hour – bacon (and not the bacon) with which to season the pasta for 4 people. Wanting to break a lance in favor of the actor it must be said that it is a typical mistake of foreigners, including famous chefs who often put their hand to the Italian dish, announcing “unmissable” reinterpretations with results that in reality are not always so surprising. You can find them by continuing to read, after the recipe for the second carbonara Tom Cruise (if you want to try it).

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