Tom Cruise, the return 36 years later and the “Top Gun generation” –

from Matteo Persivale

The actor in the same role in which millions of teenagers identified themselves: 36 years later everything changed, except him.

Dhow old do they indicate the young up-and-coming actor on duty as “the new Tom Cruise”? Twenty years? Twenty-five? Then for him always there. The new Tom Cruise Tom Cruise, the original one. Jon Hamm, colleague of him – and superior of him in
Top Gun: Maverick
– he explained on the number of

released last Friday with the
Corriere della Sera

the reasons why, in his own words, Tom is number 1. Why Hamm, born March 10, 1971 in St. Louis, Missouri, the classic member of the Cruise Generation: those who saw the first
Top Gun
when they were in high school and have not substantially recovered from that fundamental event for millions of male adolescents (I left the theater at the end of the film and came back immediately: I saw him repeatedly). The Ray-Bans as an aviator (in 1986, without the need for internet and social media and smartphones, sales increased by 40% after the release of the film, a monstrous figure), the leather jacket, the Kawasaki Ninja (for fans : GPz 900R in 1986, H2R Carbon today) with which he competed in speed with the F-14 fighter. The faded Levi’s, the white t-shirt, the gel. Kelly McGillis with blonde curls. Beach volleyball.

The strange thing that at the time of the first Top Gun the Cruise Generation kids were teenagers, and 23-year-old Cruise looked 23. Thirty-six years later, he (born July 3, 1962 in Syracuse, New York) remained frighteningly the same. Us, a little less. His colleagues are also human: McGillis is missing from the original cast in the sequel, who at the age of 64 demonstrates – humanly, normally – his age and as cinema dramatically a visual medium She was replaced by 51-year-old Jennifer Connelly (Cruise, a shrewd manager of her own career, goes against the classic Hollywood method because she knows that it would be wrong even more than ridiculous to partner him with a 25-year-old actress: Connelly perfect). There is still Val Kilmer who at the time was a sort of Nordic deity with a square jaw and gelled blond hair, today strongly marked by the disease that made him unable to speak without the help of a special microphone but for this reason he gives the public exciting moments of truth (great actors can act even without words, looks are enough).

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All these ingredients – in Top Gun: Maverick Cruise’s character flies together with his colleague’s son from the first film – the charm of an actor who has accustomed everyone to slalom between the rules that apply only to others increase exponentially: his films have grossed over ten billion dollars, thanks to blockbusters, especially the series Mission: Impossible. But as a boy he worked with Coppola and Scorsese (without fear of starring opposite Paul Newman in The color of money but rather by stealing a couple of scenes at least), confronting Dustin Hoffman, and at the height of media fame for his marriage to Nicole Kidman he chose to spend 15 interminable months – a world record for the longest working of a film – on the set of Stanley Kubrick for Eyes Wide Shut.

This new Top Gun was supposed to come out in April 2020: Cruise used all his prestige to keep it in a drawer for two years, waiting for the reopening of the cinemas, to restart cinema-cinema to be seen on the big screen and not at home, in streaming.

As Hamm said: I’ve been doing this job for almost thirty years but I’ve never seen anyone apply themselves like him, with the same focus, the same dedication. The stories she’s heard about Cruise – who learned to fly planes, free climb, jump from terrifying heights without safety cables – are all true. unique.

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