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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Cryptic Tweet: Is Ubisoft Announcing an Announcement?

For years fans of the franchise hope for a continuation of the Splinter Cell series. Is her petition finally answered? A cryptic tweet from Ubisoft gives hope!

Already more often had been expected with an announcement of the next Splinter Cell – and always the fans were ultimately disappointed, because such a missed all events then. Ubisoft always emphasized that the franchise had not been shelved and that it would continue in due course. But now the community is asking more than ever: Yes, when, please, nice? New hope could now bring a rather cryptic tweet from Ubisoft.

Who follows the Spanish account of Ubisoft, has recently stumbled over a message and picture. Ubisoft Spain unceremoniously published a picture of Splinter Cell protagonist Sam Fisher. The whole thing was garnished with the mentioned cryptic message, which translates as follows: "You need to understand the darkness to face it." Or in German: "You have to understand the darkness to counter it."

But what does the Spanish branch of Ubisoft want to tell us? It can not be ruled out that the tweet was dropped off without any reason. Or this refers – very unspectacular – in the end just a VR spin-off, which one has confirmed for Facebook in work.

Or is it really something in the bush and you are about to officially announce a real new serializer? After all, that's what the fans hope for again! The whole thing would basically fit well, because according to the latest annual report Ubisoft also has two AAA titles for the next fiscal year in the works, which have not yet been announced. We'll keep you up to date!

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