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resignation from resignation!

40 days without pain were enough for him. He wants bruises and the smell of sweat in the cabin…

American football giant Tom Brady (44, seven Super Bowl victories) is one of the most dazzling sports stars in the world and has earned around 280 million euros in player salary alone in 22 career years.

The star quarterback wanted to give up protective gear and leather eggs for his family. For his wife, top model Gisele Bundchen (41), and their children (9 and 12, a son, 14, comes from a previous relationship), the playmaker wanted to retire after the play-off in January (27:30 against LA). walk.

But now he wrote: His place is still on the field, not in the stands…

Holds almost all major NFL records: quarterback superstar Tom Brady. He retired less than two weeks ago – but now announces another season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers – at 44Foto: MICHAEL REAVES/AFP

Brady returns!

For qualified psychologist Sebastian Bartoschek (42) also a promising compromise for the well-being of the family.

Bartoschek on BILD: “Anyone who has been up there is initially happy to have less stress and pressure. But there is a downside to the coin: the personal loss of meaning. Almost everyone enjoys receiving public approval and being involved in things that matter more. That’s why it’s difficult for many, including Tom Brady, to just break up. That’s how comebacks happen, sometimes with a new direction, but sometimes you want to build on – supposedly – ​​beautiful pasts.”

So the withdrawal from the pension is also for the family?

The psychologist continues: “If someone is dissatisfied with their situation, of course it also breaks through at home. It’s sometimes difficult to suddenly lead a different life at home than before. And of course, the relationship between the partners will also improve if one of them has more fun again and isn’t romping around at home grumbling and dissatisfied.”

Three tips for normal pensioners from the experts

► Structure on paper! “Write down what you plan to do, when you want to realize plans!”

► “If you have a partner, speak openly about processes and discrepancies immediately. Forget the easy escape route from problems to the office! It’s cut off. Unpleasant things must now be addressed more quickly.”

► Plan time and active retreat options for yourself so that you don’t overwhelm your partner overnight with unusual tightness.”

Smack from lucky charm Gisele for Brady's 2019 Super Bowl triumph

Smack from lucky charm Gisele for Brady’s 2019 Super Bowl triumphFoto: Getty Images

The comeback on the pitch? For Brady, the investment can pay off later, true to the motto: “Happy wife, happy life…”

And Bundchen also supports Tom’s plans: “It’s starting again. let’s go darling Let’s go Bucs!” she wrote under Brady’s comeback message on Instagram.

Tom and Gisele can experience what is probably the last season as a joint farewell tour.

NFL expert Carsten Spengemann (49, “ran”) believes: “Brady wouldn’t be Brady and the greatest if he had ended his unique career with a defeat.”

Will probably fight together again for the SuperBowl: Tom Brady and his best buddy Rob Gronkowski.  He's been catching the star quarterback's balls for years

Will probably fight together again for the Super Bowl: Tom Brady and his best friend Rob Gronkowski. He’s been catching the star quarterback’s balls for yearsPhoto: ddp images

And that’s where the “buddy factor” plays a huge role: “He belongs with his teammate and friend Rob Gronkowski like the droids C-3PO and R2D2 do in ‘Star Wars’. The two have already had their second spring and they want a third.

The German fans will probably see it too. In November, the Brady team will compete in an NFL guest game in Munich’s Allianz Arena. Opponents and exact date have not yet been determined.

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