Pumas feasted and was not intimidated by a Toluca who could never set the hell at the Nemesio Diez Stadium. With a goal from ‘Comandante’ Juan Dinenno and another goal from Leonel López, the Auriazules qualified for the league and will have Clasico Capitalino against América in the quarterfinals.

From the opening whistle, the cats took advantage of the good mood, after their qualification for the play-off on the last date. The claw and university heart were not in doubt and they managed the Devils at will.

Leonel López was the first to show his claws. The former from Toluca scored his first goal with the felines and it was a great goal. From midfield he put a shoe that left Luis García with no opportunity to save the ball. The stadium exploded, as did the visitor’s bench.

If it weren’t for the poor effectiveness of Diogo de Oliveira, the Pumas could beat the home team in the first half. Hernán Cristante ‘thanked’ Diogo’s bad definitions from the bench, as well as the bad passes he gave in the last third of the court.

The university claw prevailed and Toluca was inoperative in the first period. The bad news: Rubens Sambueza was booked as soon as the game started and the ball did not flow through his feet as in past games.

For the complement, the tonic of the game did not change. Pumas took advantage of every scarlet oversight and came second through Dinenno. The Argentine made a volley in the area after a terrible mistake by Diogo and increased the advantage for his team.

But not everything was pink for Pumas. Despite the great game, Alan Mozo made a hand in the area and gave away a penalty. His perfect match was annulled by that action. Curiously, Haret Ortega took the ball and the center-back scored his first professional penalty.

Both strategists modified, Pumas took care of the advantage and Toluca looked for variants to tie, but time did not allow for more and the cats qualified for the Apertura 2021 league. Now, America and the Capital Classic is their great challenge.

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