The Nikkei flagship index closed on a 0.09% mini-high at 29,774.11 points and the Topix extended index fell 0.08% to 2,042.82 points.

The Tokyo Stock Exchange practically stagnated on Monday, having lacked momentum in the face of the return of restrictions against Covid-19 in Europe and renewed uncertainty over the direction of US monetary policy.

The Nikkei flagship index closed on a 0.09% mini-high at 29,774.11 points and the Topix extended index fell 0.08% to 2,042.82 points.

Austria is reconfiguring itself from this Monday in the face of the sharp resurgence of coronavirus cases on its territory, and restrictions have also been announced in Germany. The measures made investors cautious in Tokyo on Monday, after lowering Western markets on Friday.

In addition, one of the governors of the American Federal Reserve (Fed), Christopher Waller, estimated on Friday that the institution should accelerate the reduction in its asset purchases that began this month, with inflation proving to be higher. and lasting than expected, while the job market is recovering rapidly in the United States.

The Tokyo Stock Exchange will be closed on Tuesday to observe a public holiday in Japan.

In Hong Kong, the Hang Seng index lost 0.48% after 06:00 GMT, while the composite indexes of Shanghai and Shenzhen were clearly in the green.

On the side of values

TOYOTA ET PANASONIC: the Japanese automotive colossus Toyota (-1.28% to 2,105 yen) could join forces with its compatriot Panasonic (-0.21% to 1,380.5 yen) for its project for a future electric battery factory in the United States announced in October, according to Bloomberg news published at the end of last week.

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Panasonic would be a natural ally for Toyota in this area, knowing that the two groups are already working together in batteries through a joint venture based in Japan. Panasonic is also a strategic partner of Tesla, the American champion of electric cars.

Solicited by AFP, neither Toyota nor Panasonic wished to comment on these “speculations”.

On the currency and oil side

The yen fell against the dollar, at a rate of one dollar against 114.14 yen at around 06:25 GMT against 113.99 yen on Friday at 21:00 GMT.

On the other hand, the euro / yen rate was almost stable, with a euro trading for 128.73 yen against 128.69 yen on Friday.

The euro fell to $ 1.1274 from $ 1.1290 at the end of last week.

Oil prices fell on Monday, while according to the Japanese daily Yomiuri, Japan could draw on its strategic reserves of black gold in concert with the United States to put pressure on the OPEC + countries, which refuse for the moment to produce more to lower prices.

“Nothing is decided” on the subject, said Monday the spokesman of the Japanese government, Hirokazu Matsuno, while stressing that Tokyo continued to follow closely the rise of the price of oil and its impact on the national economy. “We will continue to call on producing countries to increase their production,” he added.

After 06:20 GMT the price of a US barrel of WTI gave up 0.14% to 75.83 dollars and that of a barrel of Brent from the North Sea fell by 0.32% to 78.64 dollars.

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