Tokyo 2021: “Times” reports on Olympic cancellation, Japan denies

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“Times” reports on Olympic cancellation

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Tokyo games start as scheduled on July 23rd

President Thomas Bach of the International Olympic Committee has confirmed that the Tokyo Olympic Games will take place as planned in the summer. There is no “plan B”, said Bach in an interview.

The Japanese government is said to be of the opinion that the Olympic Games should be canceled. A state of emergency was declared in Tokyo due to Corona, and there is a far-reaching entry ban. The denials followed quickly.

Japan’s government has denied a media report that it had come to the conclusion internally that the Olympic Games in Tokyo had to be canceled due to the corona pandemic. “We completely reject the report,” said a government spokesman in Tokyo on Friday.

Of course, the situation abroad had to be taken into account and at some point it had to be decided whether the event would take place. “But until then, the Japanese government will do what needs to be done,” he affirmed.

The English “Times” had reported, citing an unspecified member of the Japanese government coalition, that there was consensus that the games, which had already been postponed by a year, were doomed to fail and had to be canceled.

The national stadium opened in December 2019

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The goal now is to find a face-saving form, to announce the cancellation and to keep the option open to host the Olympic Games at a later date. The next possibility for this would be in 2032.

IOC sees no reason for a cancellation

IOC President Thomas Bach also denied the reports and even with a double negative. In an interview published on Thursday, he emphasized that he saw no reason to cancel the games.

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Thomas Bach has been the IOC President since 2013

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“At the moment we have absolutely no reason to believe that the Tokyo Olympics will not open at the Tokyo Olympic Stadium on July 23,” said the president of the International Olympic Committee of the Japanese news agency Kyodo. There is “no plan B” for hosting the games.

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Due to the significantly increased number of coronavirus cases, Japan’s Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga had expanded the state of emergency beyond the Tokyo area to seven other prefectures in the previous week. In the past 30 days, the number of new cases rose from 3200 to 5600 cases per day. There is an extensive entry ban until February 7th. In the latest polls, a clear majority of the Japanese were in favor of canceling or rescheduling the Olympic Games.


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