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January 11, 2022 09:32


President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev, during a speech in the Mazhilis, said that a terrorist war had been unleashed against the republic, reports RIA Novosti

“A terrorist war was unleashed against our country. The enemy showed extreme cruelty and readiness to take any steps. He sowed fear among the population in order to suppress even the very idea of ​​resistance, ”the head of state said.

According to him, the plan of attack on Kazakhstan included various aspects: military, political, ideological, disinformation and others.

Earlier it was reported that the Investigative Court of Nur-Sultan arrested the former head of the National Security Committee (KNB) of Kazakhstan, Karim Massimov, for 2 months on suspicion of high treason.

Mass protests began in Kazakhstan on January 2, with citizens expressing dissatisfaction with the two-fold increase in prices for liquefied gas. In Alma-Ata, the largest city of the republic, riots, looting, attacks on state institutions and security forces began. The Kazakh authorities declared a state of emergency in the country until January 19 and launched a counter-terrorist operation.



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