Toilet seat turns out to be the key to Caroline’s heart in B&B Full of love

Viewers of B&B Full of Love were able to see yesterday how Eric and Nico moved into Caroline’s B&B in Bad Kleinkirchheim. The arrival of the men caused the necessary stress for the owner. Her solution? Sopping. She just wanted to clear her head. “I went to vacuum for a while and quickly put the mop through it.” She was finally in bed at half past one.

The men heard from their rooms how the lady of the house was still busy and Caroline was a little disappointed that they did not come to help her. “Nico brought it up with a joke, that vacuuming, but I think there was also a serious undertone to it. I – if I had been him – might have said: ‘Hey, can I do something next time? for you before we go up.'”

Moments later, when the men do roll up their sleeves, but then in the garden, Caroline goes to investigate. Are the men’s rooms a bit clean? “I’m secretly curious how they leave their rooms behind.” Nico’s room looks ‘good for a man,’ says Caroline. She seems to forgive him for the dirty glass in the sink. But then: the toilet seat. “Of course this is his apartment so he can leave it up in this case. But suppose we were to live together, then I think it would be nice if he puts it down.”

Then it’s Eric’s turn, will it pass the balloting committee? Caroline immediately sees something that she likes: Eric has put his cup on the dishcloth and he has put his shoes on the shoe rack. 10 points! “Now we are curious about the toilet.” And Eric scores points there too. “Look, a man after my own heart. The toilet seat is down. That’s another plus, as it were.”

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