Togo-The National Assembly welcomes distinguished guests

Togo-The National Assembly welcomes distinguished guests

The National Representation marked the start of its second ordinary session of the year 2023 this Tuesday, September 5 with a solemn opening ceremony. The President of the National Assembly, Her Excellency Mrs. Chantal Yawa Djigbodi Tsègan delivered an inaugural speech which kicked off this so-called “budgetary” session. Several political, administrative, military, traditional and religious personalities as well as several distinguished guests enhanced the inaugural session with their presence.

Among the distinguished guests, we noted the presence of the President of the Supreme Court, Mr. Abdoulaye Yaya, the interim President of the Constitutional Court, Mr. Kouami Amados-Djoko, and the interim President of the National Commission of Human Rights (CNDH), Mr. Yaovi SRONVIE. The event was also honored by the participation of former Prime Ministers, including Mr. Komi Sélom KLASSOU, Mr. Komlan MALLY, and Mr. Joseph Kokou KOFFIGOH, as well as by the presence of the former President of the National Assembly, Mr Dama DRAMANI.

The diplomatic corps responded with the participation of the ambassadors of China Mr. CHAO Weidong, of France Mr. Augustin FAVEREAU, of Egypt Mr. Ahmed El Sammawi, of Turkey Mrs. Muteber Kılıç, of India Mr. Sanjiv Tandon, of Nigeria Mr. Julius Adebowale Adesina and charge d’affaires of the embassies of Germany Mr. Johonnes KLOTZ and of Gabon in Togo Mr. Serge Romuald ONGALA. The Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Togo, Ms. Binta Sanneh, the Political Counselor of the Delegation of the European Union to Togo, Mr. Paolo SALVIA, the Head of the political and economic section of the United States Embassy in Togo Mrs. Kathleen McDonald, also expressed their support for this event.

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The diversity of the guests who also included local authorities such as the Prefect of Agoè-Nyivé, Colonel Awaté Hodabalo, the Mayor of the commune of Agoè-Nyivé1 Mr. Akoété Kovi ADANBOUNOU, the traditional chiefs in particular Togbui Mawuto DZIDZOLE DETU X , chief of the canton of Aflao-Gakli, Togbui Kodjo Hélou Aristide Edmond SEDJRO IV, chief of the canton of Agoè-Nyivé, Togbui Dosseh Houkpetor IV, chief of the canton of Sanguéra, Togbui Adela Aklassou IV, chief of the canton of Bè, testifies the importance of this opening session and their commitment and support for development and stability in Togo.

This return to Parliament recalled the importance of political dialogue, international cooperation and the participation of all actors in the pursuit of the common objective of peace, prosperity and sustainable development, both for Togo and for the sub-region. -region.

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