Togo: The headlines of private newspapers, on newsstands this Wednesday, May 17, 2023

The headlines of private newspapers, on newsstands this Wednesday in Togo:

LIBERTE (Private daily newspaper)

Fazao-Malfakassa National Park: Water and forest agents seriously injured by herdsmen / In Togo, herdsmen enjoy impunity because the owners of cattle are in high places

Cessation of online courses, claim for 4 months of revaluation…: Legitimate claims, sources of relentlessness against the SG of SEST

Togocom: Confusing situation for technicians and salespeople

Kako Nubukpo proposes a new model for the ecological and social revolution in Africa


ECO & FINANCES (Private daily newspaper)

Economic downturn: Towards the risk of forcing workers into low-quality jobs

Maritime sector: Towards the strengthening of Togo-Senegal cooperation

47th general assembly of the CPCCAF: A delegation led by Nathalie Bitho, represents Togo

The Future of Coffee in Africa: A Path to Economic Growth and Sustainable Tourism

Economic development: Canadian investors announced in Côte d’Ivoire for a forum


TOGOMATIN (Private daily newspaper)

Future elections in Togo: The DMP has just formed its number 1 opponent

Vocational training: Registration is open in the IFADs

Last hours: The “My Perf” application to assess the quality of the internet connection in Togo

Togo-Senegal maritime cooperation: Edem Tengué and Achille Gueye discussed strengthening security

Ong RAPAA: An information guide to celebrate the International Day of the Family



Electoral census: New dates for zones 2 and 3 / Do everything possible to avoid malfunctions

Togolese politics: “Insane”, Kpodzro to DMP officials

Regional elections: What are the missions of a regional council?

Regional off-grid electricity access project: Lomé hosts a meeting of experts

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DOUNIA (Hebdo)

The dates of the electoral census in zones 2 and 3 known: Have the malfunctions been corrected?

Interview with Charles Kokouvi Gafan: “AGL contributes to strengthening the port of Lomé”

BRVM Awards: Personalities receive special distinctions

Maritime sector: Togo and Senegal will strengthen their cooperation



HAPLUCIA and national media join forces against corruption: Justice must play its part

Faced with the united UNIR: The opposition parties are torn apart

47th general assembly of the CPCCAF in Cotonou: The CCI-Togo took part in the work

Françafrique is a mutating hydra: From Montpellier to Africa

The marriage of Gladys Fodem and François Boko celebrated in jubilation in Paris



Degraded coins and banknotes / BCEAO: Need for a fairground exchange operation

Regional Council: Its dissolution and the implications

4th congress of the “Le NID” party: Reappointed, Gabriel Dosseh-Ayron displays his ambitions

Culture & Politics: “Togo! Stifled democracy” (Nadot)

ROGEAP project: ECOWAS strengthens the capacity of experts from beneficiary countries



To remedy the phenomenon of flooding: The construction of an adequate water drainage system is essential

The CENI steps back to better jump: The new dates of the electoral census in zones 2 and 3 are finally known

Togo / Higher education: The private sector between scam and scam / Out of 47 private universities, 37 issue diplomas not recognized by Cames

Problem of street children / Despite the efforts of the government and NGOs: The phenomenon tends towards the threshold of the intolerable



Against the floods in Lomé: Take the bull by the horns!

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Prevention and fight against corruption and similar offences: A HAPLUCIA workshop in Kpalimé with recommendations

Electoral census: The CENI sets the dates for zones 2 and 3

The OTR and the DAGL for land security in Togo: The land census starts on May 22 in Agoè-Nyivé 1 and 2

National Assembly: Yawa Djigbodi Tsègan discusses with a delegation from CIP UEMOA


FOCUS INFOS (Bimonthly)

Peace and security, main concerns of Faure Gnassingbé and Emmanuel Macron

Business creation: Nigeriens, top of the list of foreigners in 2022

FESMA 2023: The high mass of African gastronomy has kept all its promises

Neonatal and infant mortality: Togo’s modest performance

Report: The Advisory Committee on maritime transport in conclave in Lomé. FIN

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