Togo-Crisis in the CAR: Payadowa Boukpessi seized to ban the congress this Saturday

Togo-Crisis in the CAR: Payadowa Boukpessi seized to ban the congress this Saturday

The crisis brewing within the Action Committee for Renewal (CAR) is likely to last a long time. While the president of the transition Yendouban Konlani summons the militants to the resumption of the work of the 5th statutory congress this Saturday, May 27, 2023 in Lomé, members (of the majority) of the same transition office issue an opposition. They find it inappropriate to resume the work of the said congress and seize the Minister of State, Payadowa Boukpessi, asking him to ban the congress.

Below, the letter addressed to the Minister of State asking to prohibit the holding of the congress.

“Excellency Minister of State, Minister of Territorial Administration, Decentralization and Territorial Development

Subject: request for a ban on the holding on May 27, 2023 of an alleged “Resumption of the 5th statutory congress of the CAR”

Minister of State,

We have read on our social media platforms, a correspondence dated May 19, 2023 that the National President of the transition of our party, Mr. Yendouban KONLANI sent you for an alleged “resumption of the work of the 5th statutory congress of the CAR” closed regularly April 30, 2023.

We also noted that among the list that Mr. Konlani appended to his letters, there were signatures of puppet federal presidents and usurpations of places of certain federal presidents, in particular the case of the Zio.

We, the majority of the members of the transition office, would like to keep you informed and point out that it was Mr. KONLANI himself who signed the acts according to which the congress, at the request of the special commission and following known difficulties for the election of party authorities, has set up a transition office until the organization of an extraordinary congress in accordance with our statutes.

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In addition, we would like to emphasize that nowhere in the existing RAC statutes, failing to have adopted any text at the congress, is there any provision for a “resumption” of the congress whatsoever. The only option provided is that at the request of the management committee or 2/3 of the federations, the national office organizes an extraordinary congress.

All these elements show that the convening of this meeting is a forgery and use of forgery and we come to ask you that this masquerade of “Resumption” of congress is purely and simply the subject of a ban.

Please accept, Excellency the Minister of State, the assurance of our highest consideration.”

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