Togg's “Share Campaign” Statement: Fraud!

Togg's “Share Campaign” Statement: Fraud!

It has been determined that fraudsters are now trying to deceive people through Togg. Making statements on the subject, Togg announced that some of the campaign advertisements circulating on social media were unfounded.

Turkey’s Automobile Initiative Group (Togg), made an important statement that concerns everyone. In a statement made on the company’s official Twitter account, the scammers used Togg’s name and told people they are trying to fool specified. Regarding the fraud method, which we will share shortly, Togg states that the campaign is fraud and will only be made by the company. your official statements stressed the need for

According to Togg’s statement, the fraudsters announced that the company will go public, that is, to enter the stock market They are trying to deceive people by making up lies. Because, according to the statements made, fake content is produced in various channels regarding investing in Togg, and these contents include untrue statements such as “Get a chance to win Togg”. The company has all these it is unfounded stated.

Here is Togg’s statement about the new fraud methods:

Advertisements that do not reflect the truth and mislead the public with the headlines “Buy Togg shares, invest in Togg shares, Togg opens a platform for investment, Togg get a chance to win” are shared on various social media channels.

Such posts are for fraudulent purposes, and we kindly ask our users not to respect the posts other than our official channels.

It is illegal to use our brand in such fake campaigns that aim to defraud people who trust the Togg brand.

We would like to inform you that we will initiate legal proceedings regarding individuals, institutions and social media channels that produce, share and/or distribute such fake campaign advertisements.”

You can’t buy a Togg T10X even if you wanted to anyway. So why?

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Last month, there was an event for those who will qualify to buy first production Togg T10Xs first. raffle schedule carried out. Within the scope of this program, it has been determined who will buy the Togg T10X. In the first stage, the company will produce more than 20 thousand cars and deliver their vehicles to the citizens who are eligible in the lottery. The normal sales of the Togg T10X are the result of this process. after completion will begin. So when?

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Togg CEO Gürcan Karakaş has sent a letter to Anadolu Agency regarding the issue. in the interviewTogg T10X regular sales April-May 2024 He said it would start like This is exactly why you can no longer buy a brand new Togg T10X even if you wanted to. At least not for the next year…

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