Together for Loris!

Leaving Swiss territory when working in a local newspaper does not happen very often.

Thanks to Loris, our little Neuchâtelois who shines at “The Voice”, I was able to go to Paris for a few days of madness. Participation in rehearsals then the live broadcast, in the public.

A great opportunity, seized without the slightest question. Especially since I loved Loris from the first interview. To meet such a human and simple person is nothing but happiness. While some and some take the melon after their passage in this kind of emissions, he remains adorable and humble. For the moment. I bet that those around him will know how to bring him back to Earth if necessary, but I would be surprised if he had to do it.

As I write these lines, I am sitting in the stands of the Lendit studio, located not far from the place where the Neuchâtelois would like to perform one day: the Stade de France. Loris dances while listening to the musicians rehearse one of the pieces he will perform in the semi-final. I feel happy. In his element. And that makes me smile.

I don’t know if he will win tomorrow. Difficult to make predictions when you are not impartial. However, I am confident that he will achieve his goals one way or another. Because he has music in his blood and he shares this passion unvarnished. So, see you at the Stade de France in a while?

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