‘Today Show’: Awkward moment between Jenna Bush Hager and Justin Sylvester sparks consent debate

After an awkward moment Today showssparked a debate among viewers about consent.

On Wednesday for the Today Food cooking segment, Jenna Bush Hager, guest co-host Justin Sylvester and guest Andy Baraghani cooked a fried chicken.

At one point during the segment, Hager placed his hand on Sylvester’s shoulder as he leaned in to watch the food being prepared. the manager of Today shows then he moved his hand to Sylvester’s other shoulder, at which point the co-host seemed to shrug and push Hager’s hand away.

Sylvester removed her hand and proceeded to mark their space by pushing Hager slightly so she was forced to take a few steps away from him.

However, despite Sylvester’s reaction, Hager stepped closer again while smiling for the camera. Moments later, Sylvester used his hand to push his co-host away once more.

“Do you want me to go?” Hager asked Sylvester at one point.

On social networks, the moment was received with surprise by viewers, and many criticized the host of the Today shows for seemingly ignoring Sylvester’s limits.

“It is not right. She blatantly ignored his ‘no’ and continued to violate his personal space and grope him repeatedly. Jenna Bush needs a suspension at the very least,” writer Adrienne Lawrence tweeted alongside the clip.

Another person said the clip was “really uncomfortable to watch” and claimed it showed Hager “repeatedly invading personal space to the point where her co-host has to put up a barrier and then literally push her away.” “It’s fucking creepy, and that smile at the end shows she knows exactly what’s going on,” they added.

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“He is clearly uncomfortable. Why does he keep touching him and getting into his space?!” one person asked, while another wrote: “Absolutely unacceptable.”

Others defended Hager on the grounds that she and Sylvester appeared to be joking with each other.

“You really exaggerate things. He tries to flirt with the guest, and he and his co-host crack a joke. She even jokes ‘do you want me to go?’ and is fully aware that he is trying to flirt with the guest. Get something real to be mad about,” one person commented under the video, while another said: “It was all fun on camera, everyone calm down.”

The Independent contacted representatives of the Today shows looking for feedback.



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