Lucy (Carmen Villalobos) tried to find a way to win back Sebastian (William Levy); However, all his efforts were in vain, because this man’s heart belongs to Gaviota (Laura Londoño), and what he wants is to meet her again and be able to talk.

For her part, Lucia has by her side a person who has done nothing but give her bad advice, he is her father, who is covered in debt and who must find a way to get money and he believes that the solution is for Lucía to marry or at least have a child with Vallejo.

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Eduardo knows what is involved, because Octavio left in his will that he would give a large sum of money to the first grandson who had his last name.

In fact, as we saw in one of the most recent chapters of ‘Woman-fragranced coffee’Lucía decided to listen to her father and received a few drops that she then poured into a drink from Sebastián.

The man was totally taken aback and although he does not remember anything of what happened, Lucia has done nothing more than assure him that they had a fantastic night where love was the protagonist.

What viewers are surprised is knowing the possible future that awaits Lucia, because as we saw in the advance of tonight’s chapter, Lucia would receive blood results confirming that she is pregnant. Is it true?

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