‘Today Chivas is more Mexican than ever’

Victor Manuel Vucetich requests the support of the people in the Opening 2021. The coach of Chivas He is aware that the fans are in need of reinforcements, but the strategist highlights the commitment of the rojiblanco team to bet on the young talent of basic forces.

“That they trust, that they support. Because there is always talk of a Mexican team and today it is more Mexican than ever, especially with a job that has been carried out from the quarry. We must have that confidence and support a team that ventures to work with pure national and that will seek in all ways to give the results for the satisfaction of the people “, explained the helmsman to Chivas TV.

The ‘King Midas’ he knows that the Flock will have a difficult start to the tournament due to the absence of five key elements; however, there are elements in the lower divisions that are raising their hands to take those places, so it will give them that vote of confidence.

“We know that they are extremely important absences for us, but there is full confidence in this team. We have elements that are performing very well, with a lot of capacity. Sometimes people need to see new players, new faces, make that change, but there are elements with 18 or 19 years that go in a very positive way to achieve goals and transcend with this team.

“This preseason is going to leave me very satisfied with the fact that we are observing three or four players who will be very useful to us in the next tournament. Sometimes they are not given that confidence. We are in that slogan, to trust them, give them responsibility, support them and work for the growth of the players of Chivas and Mexican soccer ”, concluded Vucetich.



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