To revive tourism, Italy tries a mobile game

How to attract tourists to the country after a year marked by the Covid-19? By making them travel through play to make them want to come. This is the idea found by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is launching a mobile game combining cultural visits and video games.

Source: Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Source: Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

After a dying year for global tourism, the time has come for recovery. You still have to know how to attract visitors. Italy may have found the solution: by making them play and dream.

The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAECI) therefore had the idea of ​​a mobile game for “To support the Italian cultural and creative sectors. “ « Today, the mobile games market is one of the main distribution channels, including for the transmission of culture and information. It is our mission to seize all the opportunities which present themselves to us in order to promote our country and its culture in the world ”, explains one of its representatives.

Attract young people by making them discover through play

Italy. Land of Wonders is thus a free initiative to make foreign tourists want to return to the Boot by making them play, learn and discover before taking the plunge of the visit. The announced target is clearly ” the youth of the world “, Always quick to have his nose on his smartphone and play it, in order to create a” feeling of familiarityTo make him want to come.

And the bet is rather successful. The mobile game seems to draw its graphic inspiration from titles like Monument Valley or Alto’s Odyssey . It aims to promote the transalpine cultural heritage by making people discover the most prestigious places, the beauty of the landscapes or even the culinary and historical treasures.

For this, Italy. Lands of Wonders takes the form of a puzzle game a hundred 3D levels reconstructing the most famous monuments (the Tower of Pisa, the Colosseum, Vesuvius and the city of Naples…). And to accentuate the immersive side in the country, you play Elio who must bring back the sun on the country by collecting 20 sparks to light up the lighthouse, and somewhere bring some light back to the country after a difficult pandemic year …

Source: Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Source: Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

But where DFAIT is very clever is in its dual approach to the game. On the one hand, apuzzle gamewhich will put at the top of the sites and parts of history of Italy. On the other, 600 additional articles to discover the country through news, things to find and anecdotes. One way to attract potential visitors who want to see the game “for real” in its nets. A real productmade in Italyand an initiative that is both fun and educational and well-found.

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