“The urgency is to act. With 68 other deputies, the elected LREM of the Alpes-Maritimes Cédric Roussel has developed a recovery plan for the sports sector, brought to a halt by the coronavirus crisis. Fifty measures were thus presented to Matignon, including the creation of a sports voucher or the development of sports at school and in business.

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The submission of these proposals once again feeds a future text on which the Ministry of Sports of Roxana Maracineanu is working, but which is struggling to find a place on the parliamentary agenda. “The job is done, it must now be politically supported. We want to avoid the risk of inertia, ”explained Cédric Roussel, president of the“ sports economy ”study group at the National Assembly.

A bill already tabled in 2019

In the summer of 2019, the deputies had already tabled a bill on sport that remained without follow-up, but which had been debated because it included a relaxation of the Évin law prohibiting the sale of alcohol in stadiums. This time, while “90%” of amateur clubs “were closed during confinement” and faced with a “risk of decline in registrations” at the start of the school year, parliamentarians are asking for the creation of a “sports check to help families the most modest to take back licenses ”in September, a measure already proposed a few weeks ago by left-wing elected representatives, the deputy Régis Juanico (Génération.s) and the PS senator Jean-Jacques Lozach.

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To respond to the threat of declining investments, they also advocate the establishment of an “exceptional tax credit on sports sponsorship expenses”. Another measure often demanded by the sector, a removal of the cap on taxes allocated to the financing of sport (levies on lottery games, on sports betting stakes and on television rights) to strengthen the budget of the National Sports Agency, which finances high level and amateur practice.

“Giving a central place to sport in our society”

“Our country must display a real ambition for sport”, “not only that of an economic recovery”, but “also to give a central place to sport in our society, our health, our schools and our businesses”, write the deputies, for whom the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris 2024 must be a “tool for transforming our society”.

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Their plan includes several measures expected in a future law on sport, such as limiting the number of terms of office of federation presidents and a “feminization of deconcentrated bodies”. The deputies also propose to make compulsory the women’s sections in professional clubs.

Tuesday, Cédric Roussel and Régis Juanico had already formulated a series of proposals in an evaluation report of the so-called Braillard law of March 2017 on the ethics of sport and the competitiveness of clubs. Among them, the establishment of “a graduated scale of sanctions which may go as far as the withdrawal of the State delegation against federations which do not have a charter and deontology and ethics committees. in accordance with the law ”.